This paper ranks the most influential articles, authors, and university faculties based on Google Scholar citations to publications in Global Perspectives on Accounting Education (GPAE). All articles published in GPAE in its first 10 volumes are included and four citation metrics are used. Two citation metrics, citation count and citation rate, provide full-credit to each author and university faculty while two citation metrics, scaled citation count and scaled citation rate, prorate the influence of authors and university faculties based on the number of authors. This paper identifies the top 10 articles, top 10 authors, and top 10 university faculties that have made the greatest contribution to the development of GPAE. In addition, both an h- index and m-index for GPAE are computed and compared to the h-index and the m- index of other accounting education journals. Such an analysis provides a useful basis for understanding the direction the journal has taken and how it has contributed to the literature (Meyer and Rigsby, 2001, p. 254).


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